J-SLA Autumn Conference 2024

Date: 19th (Sat) October 2024

Venue: Kogakuin University of Technology & Engineering (Shinjuku Campus)

This fiscal year, in addition to our ongoing activities, we will inaugurate the "Autumn Conference 2024" as a new initiative. The primary objective of the Autumn Conference 2024 is to provide undergraduate students, graduate students, and early-career researchers with an opportunity to present their current research endeavors, thereby supporting the development of their academic pursuits. We encourage you to actively utilize this platform to present your research and foster its further development. (Of course, this call for participation is not limited to early-career researchers; it is open to all members of J-SLA.)

Applicants are invited to apply to give research presentations (poster presentations and student workshops) at the Autumn Conference 2024. If you wish to present your research, please follow the guidelines from 1-10 below.



1. Presentation format

There are two formats for research presentations at the Autumn Conference 2024


(1) Poster presentation: Face-to-face format

(2) Student workshops: Face-to-face format


(Note) 'Student workshops' are for undergraduate and postgraduate students conducting research in second language acquisition. Each session will be attended by researchers specialising in the field, who will be available to answer questions and offer advice. Presentations can also be on 'work in progress' research. While the student workshops are intended to consist of oral presentations, they may be converted to poster presentations in the event of a high number of applications.



2. Presentation time

The time allocated for research presentations is as follows


(1) Poster presentations: 90 minutes (posters will be displayed in the poster presentation room and participants will be invited to present their research orally).

(2) Student workshop: 20 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes for Q & A.



3. Eligibility requirements

(1) Applicants for poster presentations must be 'members' of J-SLA (general or student members).

(2) Applicants for student workshops must be 'student members' of J-SLA.

(3) If there is more than one presenter, the first presenter must be a member of J-SLA, but the co-presenters do not necessarily have to be.



4. How to apply

If you wish to present your paper, please log in to the following 'Application for Presentation' site and upload your abstract.

Japanese https://forms.gle/kkQuWewjayafWVYh9 

English https://forms.gle/SwCVTxd5TKjhaeQE7



5. Deadline

The deadline for applications for presentation is as follows: Sunday 8th September 2024, 24:00.


Please note that abstracts submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.



6. Content of research presentations to be invited/ accepted

The Autumn Conference 2024 is calling for research presentations on "theoretical and empirical research on second language acquisition" in line with the "aims of the founding of the Japan Second Language Association".


Please refer to the following website for more information on the 'Inaugural aims of the society'.





7. How to prepare an abstract

Abstracts should be prepared in accordance with the following instructions. Please note that presentation abstracts that do not follow the abstract guidelines from (1) to (8) below may not be accepted.


(1) Language: Please write in English or Japanese.

(2) File types: Please save your abstract as BOTH a Word and PDF document.

(3) Font type and size: Please write in Times New Roman 10.5 pt for English and MS Mincho (or Yumincho) 10.5 pt for Japanese.

(4) Length: The English abstract should be no more than 1,000 words, and the Japanese abstract should be no more than 1,600 characters. You may add figures and tables, but the final abstract should be a total of two A4 pages. Titles, figures, tables, and references do not count as word or character counts.

(5) Margins: 3 cm both top, bottom, left and right.

(6) Title: The title should be written in the 'top centre' of the text of the abstract.

(7) Do not write your name in the abstract. Also, please erase the 'Author information' in the 'PDF version' of the abstract of your presentation. This is in order to ensure that the review process is carried out in an anonymous manner.

(8) Please write the number of words or characters at the end of your abstract.



8. Reviewing method

Abstracts will be assessed by the reviewers using the following five main points.

A. Importance of the research: Does the research contribute to the academic development of second language acquisition research?

B. Clarity: Is the research’s theory, data, discussion, and conclusions clearly presented? If not available, including all these elements for work-in-progress student workshops is not required.

C. Structure: Is the research appropriately structured?

D. Overall evaluation: Overall assessment of persuasiveness, clarity, and organization.

E. Aims of J-SLA: Is the research content in line with the aims of J-SLA?


(Note) Please note that research that does not conform to the aims of the J-SLA may not be accepted, even if it is outstanding research.



9. Announcement of review results

Presenters of successful submissions will be notified of acceptance by email by 24:00 on the 22nd September 2024.



10. Other notes

(1) Double submissions are not permitted. Only unpublished (not presented or published elsewhere) research should be submitted.

(2) Substitute presentations are not permitted. The researcher himself/herself must present the submitted proposal.

(3) It is permissible to apply for both the ‘poster presentation’ and the ‘student workshop’, but the same presentation cannot be given in both the poster presentation and the student workshop.



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If you have any questions, please feel free to send an email to the secretariat.


Secretariat: Kazuyuki Shite (skazuyuki2017★gmail.com) Replace "★" with "@".