13th Annual Conference (J-SLA2013)

J-SLA 2013

June 1st & 2nd, 2013

Chuo University, Tama Campus

J-SLA 2013 Programme [PDF]

Programme | Saturday, 1st June

Language for presentation: [E] in English / [J] in Japanese

9:00 Registration (1st floor, Bldg 3, Tama Campus, Chuo Univ.)

9:20−11:30 Student Workshop (Rooms 3110, 3111, 3112, 3113)

Room 3110 Commentator: Sawasaki, Koichi (University of Shizuoka)

  • 9:20−10:00 Jiang, Yinshi (Tokyo Institute of Technology) [J]
  • L2 acquisition of Japanese numeral quantifiers by speakers of Chinese
  • 10:05−10:45 Okazaki, Yuki (Nagoya University) [J]
  • The effect of animacy on the processing of relative clauses in Japanese
  • 10:50−11:30 Seol, Hyeseon (Nagoya University) [J]
  • The acquisition of L2 vocabulary by Korean learners of Japanese:In light of prototype and transferability

Room 3111 Commentator: Shirahata, Tomohiko (Shizuoka University)

  • 9:20−10:00 Yotsuya, Atsuko (Bunkyo University) [J]
  • L2 acquisition of English articles “the” vs. “a/an” and Japanese particles “wa” vs. “ga”
  • 10:05−10:45 Kimura, Takayuki (Chuo University) [J]
  • The acquisition of telicity by Japanese learners of English
  • 10:50−11:30 Asano, Masanao (University of Tsukuba) [J]
  • Errors in subject-verb agreement among Japanese learners of English

Room 3112 Commentator: Kawasaki, Takako (Hosei University)

  • 9:20−10:00 Iwagami, Eri (Hosei University) [J]
  • Consonant gemination in loan words in Japanese and its relation to metrical structures in Japanese and English
  • 10:05−10:45 Nakae, Hironori (Konan University) [J]
  • Measurement of lip protrusion by using high-speed camera

Room 3113 Commentator: Snape, Neal (Gunma Prefectural Women’s University)

  • 10:05−10:45 Koyama, Sayaka (Chuo University) [E]
  • L2 acquisition of VP-ellipsis in English by Japanese speakers
  • 10:50−11:30 Meechanyakul, Naparat (Thammasat University) & Singhapreecha, Pornsiri (Thammasat University) [E]
  • Null arguments in Thai learners’ L2 grammar

12:20−12:25 Welcome and Opening Remarks (Room 3114)

12:30−14:00 Oral Presentations I (Room 3114) Chair: Matthews, John (Chuo University)

  • 12:30−13:10 Goss, Seth (The Ohio State University) [E]
  • Contributing factors to the perception of Japanese lexical pitch accent by native Chinese and Korean speakers
  • 13:20−14:00 Kizu, Mika (Kobe University/SOAS, University of London) & Yamada, Kazumi (Kwansei Gakuin University) [E]
  • L2 Japanese null subjects at the interface of syntax and discourse

14:05−15:35 Poster Presentations (Room 3101)

  • P1-1 Miki, Kohei (Kwansei Gakuin University) [J]
  • The access to English homographic words of Japanese EFL learners: Interaction between context constraints and word meaning frequencies
  • P1-2 Okada, Miho & Hayashida, Minoru (The University of Kitakyushu) [J]
  • Confusion between the goal case maker ‘ni’ and the active case maker ‘de’
  • P1-3 Hamada, Yo (Akita University) [E]
  • Japanese students’ perceptions toward teachers’ strategies to prevent demotivation
  • P1-4 Lai, Yi-hsiu (National University of Kaohsiung) [E]
  • Tone acquisition in Hakka: An acoustic perspective
  • P1-5 Maki, Hideki (Gifu University), Amano, Makio (Okazaki Junior High School affiliated to Aichi University of Education), Hasebe, Megumi (Yokohama National University), Fan, Ling-Yun (Gifu University) & Umezawa, Toshiro (Gifu City Women’s College) [E]
  • Steps in acquisition of the interrogative construction in English by Japanese EFL learners
  • P1-6 Otsuka, Toshiko (Hiroshima University) & Shibata, Miki (Hiroshima University) [E]
  • The effect of positive and negative evidence on the distinctive use of if and when by the Japanese EFL learners

15:40−18:00 Oral Presentations II (Room 3114) Chair: Suzuki, Takaaki (Kyoto Sangyo University)

  • 15:40−16:20 Okugiri, Megumi (Tokyo Healthcare University) [E]
  • The information status of English relative constructions by Japanese learners in spoken and written language
  • 16:30−17:10 Shoji, Shinichi (University of South Carolina), Olejarczyk, Jenn (University of South Carolina) & Almor, Amit (University of South Carolina) [E]
  • Syntactic, semantic and discourse effects on the comprehension of scrambled Japanese sentences by English speaking learners of Japanese and native Japanese speakers
  • 17:20−18:00 Ojima, Shiro (Keio University) [E]
  • Brain activity reveals faster processing of the mother tongue and arithmetic in proficient second-language users

18:30-20:30 Conference Dinner (“Hiyori,” Hilltop, 4th floor, Tama Campus, Chuo Univ.)

  • You can register for the conference dinner at the reception.
  • Fee: 4,500 yen (part-time teachers and students: 2,000 yen)

Programme | Sunday, 2nd June

9:00 Registration (1st floor, Bldg 3, Tama Campus, Chuo Univ.)

9:20−10:50 Oral Presentations III (Room 3114) Chair: Koyanagi, Kaoru (Sophia University)

  • 9:20−10:00 Yamaguchi, Yumiko (Tokyo Denki University) [E]
  • Acquiring and maintaining procedural skills in ESL and EFL learning: A longitudinal study of a Japanese learner
  • 10:10−10:50 Kabata, Kaori (University of Alberta) [E]
  • On the role of collocations in learner usage of Japanese particles

10:55−11:55 General Meeting (Room 3114)

12:45−14:15 Poster Presentations (Room 3101)

  • P2-1 Kondo, Takako (University of Shizuoka) [J]
  • Errors in the usage of intransitive verbs in second language acquisition: From the viewpoint of telicity
  • P2-2 Tomita, Satsuki (Kanda University of International Studies) [J]
  • Acquisition of words of foreign origin in Japanese learners – Receptive and productive vocabulary knowledge
  • P2-3 Kasai, Chise (Gifu University), Sinclair, Lucas (INTERAC Co., Ltd.), Takahashi, Jun A. (Osaka University), Hattori, Natsumi (Gifu University), Iwai, Arisa (Gifu University), Minoura, Misaki (Gifu University), Miura, Rin (Gifu University) & Zhang, Yidan (Gifu University) [E]
  • Bilingual cognition – Is English learned in Japan cognitively effective?
  • P2-4 Liu, Hui-chuan (Kainan University) [E]
  • Interference of the mother tongue shown in Vietnamese learning Chinese consonants
  • P2-5 Mansbridge, Michael P. (Nagoya University), Hayakawa, Kyoko (Nagoya University) & Tamaoka, Katsuo (Nagoya University) [E]
  • Cross-linguistic priming of Japanese passives by Chinese and Korean speakers
  • P2-6 Shite, Kazuyuki (Tokyo University of Social Welfare) [E]
  • What ungrammatical judgment tells us about L2 learner’s implicit and explicit knowledge?

14:20−15:40 Plenary Address (Room 3114) Chair: Hirakawa, Makiko (Bunkyo University)

  • Gass, Susan M. (Michigan State University) [E]
  • Connecting interaction-based research with other disciplines

15:50−17:20 Oral Presentations IV (Room 3114) Chair: Yoshinaga, Naoko (Hirosaki Gakuin University)

  • 15:50−16:30 Hasebe, Megumi (Yokohama National University), Maki, Hideki (Gifu University) & Umezawa, Toshiro (Gifu City Women’s College) [E]
  • On the superiority effect by Japanese ESL learners: A VAS-based analysis
  • 16:40−17:20 Kano, Akihiro (Kwassui Women’s University) [E]
  • The awareness condition and L2 learners’ interpretation of reflexives

17:25−17:30 Closing Remarks (Room 3114)